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Monday, 09 October 2006 14:56

SOG S62 PowerLock Review

Well it's been 5 years and many, many miles this tool has been traveling on my side and this is a update of sorts on how it's been holding up.

SOG S62 PowerLock

The Powerlock has been useful in so many predicaments they are too numerous to mention, I have loosened bolts and nuts that would have otherwise refused to turn (without oil mind you) and turned hundreds of screws. The finish of the Powerlock is still holding up well, the plier head and handles exhibited some small rust but nothing some fine steel wool wouldn't fix. The inner tools however, mainly tools like the file and the Phillips show more signs of rust due to the un-polished nature of the tools. The rust isn't as bad as you see in some of the other brands and the highly polished nature of the tool (similar to the SwissTool ) has defiantly help this tool survive the journey. The complaints still remain the same, the teeth dig into the palm of your hand when using any of the tools, I wish that SOG would release a version of the P60 that has the gears covered like their version of the tool for the computer industry called the PowerPlay. The tool has some major heft to it and could be a considered too much for it's weight, but much like the SwissTool it makes up for it's bulk in versatility.

SOG S62 PowerLock

SOG has recently released a new tool for the Powerlock for law enforcement and other agencies. SOG introduces the V-Cutter, a seatbelt cutter specially designed to go into your Powerlock where the scissors would normally go. SOG gave me the opportunity to try out this new tool and I used it on various "test subjects" from the local junk yard and the new cutter works like a dream. With the tension tight on any seatbelt this cutter will zip through the material like a hot knife through butter, the tool is even made so there is no way to harm the victim that you are rescuing. The two razor blades that form SOG's patented V-Cutter are nestled in a U-shape so there are no sharp angles or points to make things worse. I do wish how ever that this tool, or knife blades in the future have the option of being opened one handed on the Powerlock. I mean, how useful is a seatbelt cutter to a victim when it takes me several seconds to get it out. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking this thing at all, but it ability to perform to it's fullest use is cut short by the time it takes to take the tool out of your sheath and find the tool. Since this is not a dedicated seatbelt cutter, the added feature to an existing Powerlock does make it more useful to different rescue agencies. I spoke with a gentleman who works for the local police department one day, demonstrating the use of the Powerlock's features and the newly added V-Cutter and he was impressed indeed. He said the department would look into the possible future use of this product in their workforce.

SOG S62 PowerLock

So there you have it, 5 years and still going strong. SOG's Powerlock still seems to be a major contender in the market today and we can only hope they will make the next tool even better than this one. SOG? You listening? Think Powerlock but one hand opening! That's all I gotta say....oh and thank you Spencer Frazer.

SOG S62 PowerLock

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