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Friday, 05 December 2008 09:17

SOG PowerLock EOD BO Review

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) recently (circa 2007/2008) began issuing a customized version of the SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide to its troops. As far as I know, this is issued to ALL recruits entering Basic Military Training as P.E. (Personal Equipment), which means its yours to keep and not something you have to draw and return from your unit's Quartermaster. It can also be purchased from the SAF eMart (SAF equivalent of the PX) if you want it for about S$70, either using your own money or eMart credit. (eMart credit is a credit-only stipend for purchasing military equipment that gets worn out such as uniforms, boots, webbing, packs, etc).

What I've gathered so far is that this is an SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide (not the 2.0) that was procured by ST Logistics (Singapore Technologies Logistics) via Sheares Technologies Pte Ltd for the Singapore Armed Forces. Singapore Technologies is a publicly traded company that amongst other things, manufactures arms, ammunition, military vehicles, naval vessels for Singapore's military and for export. Sheares Technologies is a private company with a storefront that deals mainly with the gadgetry most of us are familiar with, such as tactical flashlights, knives, multi-tools, etc.

This is what the package comes with:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

SOG box, nylon sheath, SAF PowerLock EOD BO, User Guide and SOG catalog.

Pretty standard, but that's where the similarities with the commercial version ends. Stuck on the box is a sticker with an NSN number:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

The SAF PowerLock with tools extended:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

Not only have some tools such as the scissors and file been eliminated, the layout has been changed slightly as well. Edit: DavidBinGA has pointed out that the plier head is a 2.0. This is a list of the SAF PowerLock according to the User Guide:

1) Needle Nose Pliers
2) Regular Pliers
3) Grippers
4) Wire Cutters
5) Hard Wire Cutters
6) Blasting Cap Crimper
7) Electrical Crimpers
8) 9" Rulers
9) Full Locking Components
10) Comfort Grips

The above features are exactly the same as the commercial model. Nothing special about the 9" rulers, the forum's script made 8 and ) into . I grouped the rest of the implements according to the handles they're clustered in.

11) Reamer
12) Wire Stripper
13) Large Screwdriver
14) Bottle Opener
15) Medium Screwdriver
16) Serrated Knife Blade

Photo of implements 11-16 extended from the handle:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

Starting from left the right, the order of the tools are as follows:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

(L-R) Reamer, Large Screwdriver/Wire Stripper, (2) Plastic Spacers (with a metal washer between them), Medium Screwdriver/Bottle Opener, Serrated Knife Blade.

The following tools (17-20) are located in the handle that has "SOG PowerLock" and the patent number stamped on it.

17) Can Opener
18) Small Screwdriver
19) Phillips Screwdriver
20) Wood Saw

Photo of the implements 17-20 extended:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

Again, from right to left, the order of the tools are as follows:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

(L-R) Wood Saw, Can Opener/Small Screwdriver, (1) Plastic Spacer, Phillips Screwdriver, (2) Plastic Spacers (no washers).

That's all for the SAF PowerLock, which has no markings on it that identify it as military issue, other than the stripped-down and customized tool layout. However I noticed that the User Guide was also unique to the SAF PowerLock.

Photo of the feature diagram on the front:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

Warranty is covered by Sheares Technologies Pte Ltd, though I'm guessing SOG will service it if I send it in:

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

Note the footer that says "Sheares PowerLock 3/2007":

SOG PowerLock EOD Black Oxide

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