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Monday, 05 October 2009 12:55

Atwood Funnybone Review

Written by David Bowen

Out of all the tools that Peter has designed, the ones I enjoy using the most are the ones that incorporate some kind of wrench. The wrench design on these tools just adds so much more functionality to the tool and helps reduce overall weight. Simplistic in shape the wrench is in the shape of a "U" and features notches on one side to enable the corner of a hex nut to rest in. When a nut is seated in one of these notches the nut can be turned as easily as using a crescent wrench but without the added moving parts.

Atwood Funnybone

Atwood Funnybone

Atwood Funnybone

My favorite rendition of this wrench design is the Funnybone. The Funnybone has been produced in both titanium and S30V and is quite popular among most Adwoodites. The Funnybone in this case is the S30V model. I have owned the Ti version but due to its thinner profile and it's weight considerably less; I did not have much confidence in it's strength even though I knew it was up to the task. It's one of those things where the heavier and more solid an object is, it subconsciously makes us think it's a better quality and more robust.

Atwood Funnybone

The S30V model is quite a little tank in spite of the large cutouts on either side of the body. The Funnybone features both SAE and metric sizes offset from each other and the] fit nuts that are most commonly used. I have yet to find a nut that the Funnybone could not fit and it's been a companion for my multitool ever since I got it.

Atwood Funnybone

Other than that there really isn't much to say about the Funnybone. It's a straight forward, simple and intuitive design of a wrench that just works. If your looking for a great accessory to compliment your multitool, check out the Funnybone by Peter Atwood.


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