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Wednesday, 26 March 2008 23:25

Swiss-Tech Smart-Clip Review

Anybody heard of this thing? I never knew it existed until I saw a display of them at the hardware store yesterday. A quick review of the Swiss-Tech website reveals there is an "Ultra" model and a "9-in-1" model. Hmmph, news to me.

Swiss-Tech Smart-Clip

The Ultra model reviewed here is not much bigger than a regular set of nail clippers. While still in the closed position, you are able to access a 1-1/2" knife blade (40mm) and a nail file from one side of the tool. From the other side a sturdy little set of scissors emerges. For a scissors spring, the Swiss-Tech uses a solid piece of spring bar - like the Vic Spirit uses - instead of a flimsy piece of sheet metal. Good deal.

Swiss-Tech Smart-Clip

Also usable while closed, there is a small LED light available in the upper handle. The light isn't very bright, mostly a help-find-the-keyhole-in-the-dark sort of a thing. It's also where I run into problem #1 on the Smart-Clip: The LED switch is much too small, (see picture below) and much too stiff. There are grooves along the length of the sliding switch, but they don't stick out far enough or provide enough traction. No way can the light be turned on with cold hands.

Swiss-Tech Smart-Clip

The main feature of the Smart-Clip is of course the nail clippers. In order to Open the tool and access them, one must slide another extremely small, extremely stiff little switch. (problem #2) Again, it is unlikely that a person with weak hands would be able to actuate this switch. Hopefully it will loosen up with time.

Swiss-Tech Smart-Clip

As regards the clippers themselves...well...maybe I've just got extra-thick fingernails or something. When trying to take a "full bight" of fingernail, the clipper jaws would begin to bight down, but then the handle material would start to bend. No go. The only way it would work is if small bites of the fingernail were clipped off at a time.

So who knows? Swiss-Tech products are well known for being strong and well made. Maybe I just got a dud. Otherwise it would seem a few more refinements are necessary.


  • Compact, with lots of features
  • Far better scissors than most small tools
  • Attaches to keyring with clipper jaws


  • LED switch is difficult to operate
  • Open/Close switch is difficult to operate
  • Nailclipper handles seem a bit weak


Length...........2-3/4" (72mm)
Width............3/4" (21mm)
Thickness......5/8" (15mm)
Weight..........1.6 oz (45 grams)

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