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Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:53

Gerber Flik Review

Gerber’s latest sliding head plier design is the Flik, which is an updated version of the MP400 design, and a more compact version of the larger, heavier duty Freehand . This tool is living proof that a multitool made in China isn’t necessarily a cheap hunk of junk!

Gerber Flik

Now discontinued, the Gerber 700 Urban Legend incorporates a number of Gerber’s more innovative features in a handy sized tool. Oddly enough it’s not a typical Gerber design so I absolutely ad to have one. A quick phone call to Dennis at Gerber Tools and I had one winging it's way to me in no time flat!

Gerber Multi Plier 700 Urban Legend

Thursday, 20 December 2007 12:21

Gerber Resolve Review

Gerber’s new series of multitools all seem to have a specific, high tech look to them and the Resolve is no different. Just looking at this tool one can’t help but think it would be right at home in the mission box of a Star Trek Away Team, or in the tool box of the on call Terminator repair man.

Gerber Resolve

Thursday, 30 August 2007 17:39

Gerber Nautilus Review

The Nautilus is one of those tools that's discontinued, but you can find them everywhere, due to the large amount produced. I got mine off eBay for about 20 American dollars after shipping, and that's the average cost you see, so price isn't a problem. I was very excited when it came, but disappointed as well, because it was almost 9PM when I saw the package. The next day, I put it to work, but backing up, I got it because I use flashlights all the time at work, and was getting tired of carrying around a Mag-Lite in addition to a Wave or Swisstool, so I decided to sacrifice the pliers and get the small Nautilus.

Gerber Nautilus

Friday, 13 July 2007 16:26

Gerber Legend 800 Review

Gerber has kind of a soft spot in me even though I don’t own a lot, I own more Victorinox than anything else. But what got me started was a Gerber Multi-Lite; then later on I graduated to a Compact Sport 400. I was content with the 400, the one hand opening was cool and the tool suited my needs. Then one day I go into the hardware store and I was introduced to the new breed of Gerber tools, the Gerber Legend. The Legend and it’s brother the Urban Legend set a benchmark in Gerber’s life where they wanted to try something different and play with ergonomics as well. I saved up and paid more than I care to admit on that tool and I thought it was the hottest thing out there (this is before I found out about the LM Wave).

Gerber Legend 800

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