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Tuesday, 02 July 2024 00:37

Gerber Center Drive Plus

Written by

The Gerber Center-Drive Plus is an elevated version of the acclaimed Center-Drive multi-tool, incorporating highly-requested features while maintaining the robust functionality that defines the original. Here’s an in-depth look at what this multi-tool brings to the table, along with personal experiences using it.

The Center-Drive Plus keeps the purposeful one-thumb opening design, ensuring quick access to the tools you use most. The spring-loaded pliers, full-size blade, and center-axis screwdriver remain as the core features, offering reliable performance. The overall build quality is solid, with a sleek, polished aesthetic achieved through tumble finishing of all tools.


Saturday, 01 June 2024 08:58

ASK Jefferson

Written by

The humble Swiss Army knife has been a staple in the multipurpose tool market since 1884. Though it's evolved over the years, it's stayed relatively the same. Victorinox has been a dominant force in the industry world wide. Others have tried to grab some of the action, yet they cannot match the quality or production. They've got over 150 years of experience, one cannot simply compete. But instead of trying to copy them, why not innovate? Create something new, and fresh, use high end materials, and give people something they'll truly want. That is what Greg Medford of Medford Knives set out to do. His answer is called ASK Knives, which is an acronym for American Service Knife.


Friday, 03 May 2024 13:34

Roxon Flex Review

Written by

Because multitools have been around for decades there's literally hundreds to choose from. This has caused many a thread here on the forum, Facebook, or even Reddit to be created by folks needing help finding the perfect tool for their needs. With varying degrees of sizes and implements, it's a lot to sort through. Even through all that, there's folks who aren't happy with what's already out there. There are tools that are close, but don't quite check all those boxes. To solve this problem people got into modding their tools. Thanks to the community here at multitool.org and other places around the globe, people now have the means to make the perfect tool.

However, not everyone is savvy enough to modify their tool even with help. Enter in the new era of multitools, the modular design. With a modular design customers can take a tool and build it from the ground up with the tools they want. No filler or redundant tools that waste space and go unused. Don't need a can opener because you don't go camping? Leave it out in favor of an Allen key for instance. This simple idea is going to radically change the multitool landscape. The pioneer, or shall we say the first modern iteration was by Michael O'Donnell from GOAT Tools. This tool features a set of standard tools with the ability to purchase additional tools and swap them out. The GOAT has quite a following but like every tool has its pros and cons. Though not perfect it was a proof of concept, showing that a modular design could fix issues people had with customization.

20240428 173403

Thursday, 08 February 2024 21:41

Gerber Prybid Utility Clip

Written by

Gerber has dabbled quite a bit in the box cutter or utility blade market for a while. Whether it's an EAB, the Edge, or maybe a Prybid series tool, we've all got one stashed somewhere. We all have them because they're great for beating on and they go places we don't want our pocketknives going. Gerber has listened to feedback from its Prybid series and have added a much-needed accessory, a pocket clip. This may feel like something that should have been added right from the get-go but who knows why decisions get made the way they do.


Friday, 02 February 2024 06:32

394 Components EDC Pocket Driver

Written by

It's been a while since I've touched base with 394 Components and wanted to see what else he has cooked up. He has a unique eye for things and creates this heavy-duty products that are meant to last. What we are checking out today is his take on an everyday carry screwdriver. A lot of us have multitools on here but sometimes you just want a dedicated driver. Dubbed the EDC Pocket Driver, it's built like a tank, and true to the 394 life.


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