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Sunday, 30 July 2023 08:35

Finch Flint

Some companies have a unique visual style, I love being able to identify a knife based on pocket clips, handle shape, etc. Finch Co. is one of those companies, founded in 2019, Finch follows a design style that harkens back simpler times, and have a vintage feel to them. The company loves traditional folders, they have infused that feel with modern materials to produce products that are visually stunning yet warm and nostalgic.

One of those modern traditionals is the Flint, the knife gets its name from a single-shot muzzle loading firearm that used flint to create a spark that ignited gunpowder to propel a lead ball. This Flint doesn't possess any explosive properties, but it's sure to get your attention. Let's check out the Finch Flint.

Resizer 169071825064111

Published in Knives
Sunday, 30 July 2023 08:30

Finch Shiv

Located in northeast Kansas is Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, it opened in 1906 and was the nation’s first maximum security prison. Some of its iconic prisoners include “Machine Gun Kelly” and “The Bird Man”. This institution is the stage for Finch Knives latest release, the Shiv. A shiv is a homemade knife-like tool fashioned in prison. Created behind unimaginable walls by desperate and resourceful people.

The Shiv is a pretty compact EDC knife, coming in at 3.7" closed, blade length of 2.8", for an overall of 6.5". The knife comes in two variations, a satin blade with black G10 handle, or black blade with a jade G10 handle. The one we're looking at today is the black/jade variation.

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Published in Knives
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