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Sunday, 26 February 2017 13:28

Leatherman Warranty

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WarrantyLike all the major manufacturers, Leatherman has an exceptional warranty- at least in the USA.  Recent issues in the Philippines has brought to light some concerns about Warranty Services outside of the US, and may be of interest to many of our international readers- and a warning to US readers as well, as it brings to light an interesting point that you may not have considered.

It started with Philippino Leatherman fans being upset in a Philppino Leatherman page on Facebook because the local importer refused to provide warranty work on any Leatherman tools in the Philippines that were not purchased directly through them.  In this day and age of eBay purchases, this is not surprising that many people will have purchased their tools online, which in the Philippines would render the warranty invalid.  A Philippino member of our forum contacted me about this and I forwarded their concerns on to a contact at Leatherman, and was told it would be passed on to the correct department, and that was the last I'd heard on the subject.

Then THIS THREAD showed up on our forum, and I am including the screen shots directly. 



As you can see, Leatherman does not consider the warranty valid on tools purchased outside of their Authorized Dealer Network, which does make some sense.

However, reading through the letter it appears that they are willing to honor the warranty on the tools, provided they are mailed directly to the US, which can be a costly and very time consuming process from the Philippines and other parst of the world.

Interestingly, it seems as if Leatherman Head Office is willing to apply the warranty on tools purchased outside of the Authorized Dealer Network within the US as they do not require proof of purchase.

The below screenshot from the Philippino Importer's site confirms that they will not honor the warranty on tools purchased outside their dealer network.


Mr. Hahn also responded in the Facebook group.



So how does this affect you?  Well, if you are in the US, it probably does not affect you much, however for any of our readers outside the US (myself included, as I am Canadian) I strongly reccomend that you visit the website of the Authorized Importer for your country or region and find out what limitations they have added to Leatherman's otherwise iron clad warranty service.

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