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Sunday, 25 June 2023 03:47

Case Westline

Written by

Case knives have been an America staple for over a century, they have stuck to what they know best, traditional knives. They did dabble in modern tactical knives back in 2012 with the TechX line. These knives were designed to provide the "ultimate utility knife for a wide range of applications, whether it is everyday tasks around the house, camping or field dressing in the outdoors." These knives were imported and had specs similar with what we see out of Camillus today.

Resizer 16876926823791

Sunday, 25 June 2023 03:15

Vosteed Nightshade

Written by

The Shilin Cutter is a Taiwanese knife that was first made in the mid-19th century by a cutler named Kuo He. By the 1960s, there were more than 20 knifesmiths making the cutter in northern Taipei. The Shilin Cutter is a slip joint with a san mai blade shaped like a bamboo leaf, and an eggplant-shaped handle made out of horn. It was a common knife in Taiwan and Japan, and was used by market vendors, mechanics, fishermen, and even carried by bureaucrats.

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Sunday, 25 June 2023 03:02

LynchNW v2.7x All Access Pass

Written by

Lynch Northwest was started by a man with a dream. Casey Lynch had a Para 2 and felt it deserved a better pocket clip. He didn't like the prices on titanium clips at the time and set out to make his own. The idea to build a better pocket clip cascaded into many projects, including titanium prybars. Lynch in the community is synonymous with quality and his pry bars are high prized. Today we are taking a look at the All-Access Pass v2.7x.

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Friday, 23 June 2023 14:09

Leatherman Arc Spotted

Written by

VideoCapture 20230623 163951

Today Leatherman released a email to everyone announcing their 40th Anniversary. In that email was a link to a video on their YouTube channel, towards the tail end of the video we get a glimpse of the new Leatherman Arc. I'm hearing that there's going to be a 40th Anniversary tool to be released as well as the new Arc. No details yet on a release date for either item, we will keep you posted as we hear more. I've included a link to the video below.

Leatherman 40th Anniversary Video (YouTube)

Sunday, 18 June 2023 04:52

QSP Penguin

Written by

The sheer number of knife companies and blades available is insane, and makes shopping even harder. There are some companies that have been under our nose the whole time, and we simply overlooked them. One knife brand that I never thought to give a try was QSP Knives. I've always been a Buck, Kershaw, Gerber, etc kind of guy. Always stuck to the mainstream and didn't dabble too much, mainly because of the unknown.

QSP Knives has been around for more than a decade and have been an OEM for other companies. It wasn't until 2017 that the company started producing knives under its own name. The company's name is an acronym for what they stand for, Quality, Service, and Price. I love a company who's pride and dedication is part of their name.

Resizer 16870930136909

Saturday, 10 June 2023 17:32

Fox Knives - Knife Based Multitools

Written by

FOX Knives is introducing a new Swiss Army style multitool line called Vulpis. The Maniago maker is trying to take some market dominated by Victorinox. Fox refers to them as "knife-based multitools" and that is their primary function. The Vulpis models feature a modified sheepsfoot blade with either N960 or M390 steel, the latter being paired with higher end handle materials. Some of the implements the new line comes with are, wood saw, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, and screw drivers. Handle materials will range from aluminum on the N960 models to carbon fiber or titanium on the M390 models. 


fox knives vulpis 130 sf5 aluminum od green 01fx1034 600x600@2x fox knives vulpis 130 3 aluminum black 01fx1020 600x600@2x

fox knives vulpis 130 s4 aluminum orange 01fx1025 600x600@2xfox knives vulpis 130 f4 aluminum sky blue 01fx1031 600x600@2x

Saturday, 10 June 2023 20:08

Blade Show 2023 Awards

Written by

wallpaper 20230611 085859 

There's a lot that goes on at Blade Show every year, but one thing that people really look forward to are the Blade Show Awards. These are the awards given for makers and knives in different categories. These are the 11 different categories for production knives.

The big winners this year was Giant Mouse, they took home Overall Knife of the Year in the production category for their GMX folder. Also, a new company RoseCraft Blades got their first Blade Show Award, Import Knife of the Year for their Clinch River Swayback. Here's a list of all the awards that were given out in the production category:

Overall Knife of the Year: Giant Mouse GMX


American-Made Knife of the Year: Benchmade Narrows

Imported Knife of the Year: RoseCraft Blades Clinch River Swayback

Most Innovative American Knife: Buck 590 Paradigm

Most Innovative Import Knife: Maserin W-Lock

Manufacturing Quality: Spartan Blades Limited Edition Spartan-Harsey Folder

Best Collaboration: We Knife Co. Solid (collaboration with Gustavo T. Cecchini)

Best Investor Knife: Shirogorov Knives Mini Quantum CD

Best Kitchen Knife: MKM Prima

Best Buy: Kershaw Iridium

Accessory of the Year: Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust

Saturday, 10 June 2023 05:53

Vosteed Racoon

Written by

Vosteed believes in giving folks the best bang for buck and giving you amazing quality. They set out to create a highly affordable and reliable EDC, and the result is the Racoon. No, not some cute trash panda waking you up at 3am. That noise you hear is these guys making a heck of a noise in the knife industry.

The Racoon features a ergonomic micarta handle with a button lock. For the blade we have a 14C28N Sandvik steel that's has a high flat grind and a satin finish. All this for $60, quite a bargain, how does it stack up?

Resizer 16864007318791

Saturday, 03 June 2023 05:35

394 Components Dual Pry

Written by

When looking for a EDC pry bar there are many things to consider. How do you want to carry it, what size do you need and of what material. Pry tools come in just about every shape and size and it makes searching somewhat daunting.

If you're looking for something in the heavy-duty category, look no further than the Dual Pry by 394 Components. 394 Components is in its infancy right now: barely been around a year. The owner is a Mechanical Engineer by trade with a background in automation and product design and development. As such he tends to be constantly designing "things" in his head and typically drifts towards tools and being a hands-on person. His ethos for design is to not simply copy what is out there, but to create new and different designs and variations - as shown with the Dual Pry.

Resizer 16857483399919

Saturday, 03 June 2023 01:18

SOG Aegis MT

Written by

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools over the years has made an assortment of multitools for different trades and recreations. One area they dabbled in is fishing multitools. The now discontinued Blacktip was very popular with users and was a collaboration with West Marine. The Blacktip was based off the PowerAssist tool and included a fish scaler, a sharpening groove and some standard tools.

Years later SOG has decided to try their hand at another fishing tool. This time around it's not based off a current model, but a completely new design. The SOG Aegis MT takes its name from their popular folding knife and the similarity ends there.

Resizer 16857484367323

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