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Friday, 06 May 2022 11:24

Victorinox Picnicker

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VictorinoxPicnicker01Another edition of the strange naming conventions is the 111mm Picnicker, also spelled Picknicker, pictured here with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees printed on the scale, and not to he confused with the 91mm Picnicker!

But there's more- this is an older, slide lock version.  At the time this knife was produced there was also a liner locking version called the Nomad, but in 2017 Victorinox discontinued the slide lock option and renamed the Nomad as a Picnicker, even though the Nomad already existed.VictorinoxPicnicker02

To learn more about the various Picnicker versions (and the Nomad!), check out the best Swiss Army Knife resource available-!

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