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Sunday, 11 September 2022 12:15

Victorinox MEC Climber

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VictorinoxMECClimber01If you are fortunate enough to be Canadian, like me, you are probably familiar with Mountain Equipment Co-Op, or MEC for short. 

But, did you know they produced this special edition black scaled Climber model in 2011 to celebrate their 40th Anniversary?  They chose well too- the Climber is one of the most popular configurations of Swiss Army Knives out there, and has been used for many commemorative occasions, including Victorinox's own 125th Anniversary!  VictorinoxMECClimber02

Find out all the cool facts about the Climber, all safely contained at! 

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Grant Lamontagne

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With a day job working in the field, either out in the woods or on industrial sites, Grant uses tools every day for all manner of different purposes.