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Tuesday, 28 June 2022 12:05

Opinel No. 9

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Opinel0901As we get closer to the 16th Anniversary of I get a bit nostalgic- and that explains today's Tool Of The Day, an Opinel No.9 with a high carbon blade.

You see, when trying to decide what kind of site to start I considered many options, one of which was to start an Opinel enthusiast site because there are a lot of things to love about these knives.  The thin, high carbon blades sharpen up like scalpels and cut like laser beams, and many people carve the wood handles into beautiful, custom designs.Opinel0902

In the end I chose to go with the broader appeal of multitools, which lead us down a winding path to where we are now.  We've had our ups and downs, but I'm glad with where we are, and I look forward to where we are going next!  Happy Anniversary from everyone here at, to everyone who has been a part of our community!

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Grant Lamontagne

As the founder of Grant has been a collector of Swiss Army Knives and multitools for over 25 years, and a user for over 40 years. 

With a day job working in the field, either out in the woods or on industrial sites, Grant uses tools every day for all manner of different purposes.

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