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Thursday, 09 June 2022 16:16

Gerber Prybrid Utility

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16547901887111Tool designs keep getting more and more complex with fancier options  locking mechanisms, materials and so on, but the Gerber Prybrid shows us that simple designs shouldn't be overlooked!

Using a sliding, replaceable, standard utility blade in a steel frame that ends in a small pry bar/flathead screwdrivers and wire stripper, and sandwiched between two slabs of G10, the Prybrid Utility really has to leave designers all over the world scratching their heads and wondering "Why didn't I think of that?"GerberPrybrid01

Find info about the Prybrid and other cool Gerber designs in our dedicated Gerber forum!,21.0.html

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Grant Lamontagne

As the founder of Grant has been a collector of Swiss Army Knives and multitools for over 25 years, and a user for over 40 years. 

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