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Wednesday, 03 July 2024 00:37

The Multitool Mindset

The Multitool Mindset

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Multitools amaze me.  It’s not the details of any given tool that amaze me but the main idea behind all of them: response.  We are the kind of guys who do something about something we can do something about.  That’s the Multitool Mindset.

Responding to an emergent situation is the purpose of a Multitool.  The details of various makes and models can be (and are) debated endlessly, and I suspect many of us find them all wanting in some way.  Some of us collect Multitools, and I’m always delighted to see the development of the designs and the possibilities they reflect.  But what we all probably agree on is that carrying a Multitool (or multiple Multitools) makes us able to respond to emergent situations.  If we have a few basic implements with us, we can solve a problem or just make something a little easier to handle.  From saving steps to saving lives, we can respond to situations.

I grew up in farm country, where almost everyone works with their hands.  Many carried a pair of pliers in a scabbard on their belts, usually right in front of a folding knife in a sheath.  Some would have a screwdriver or adjustable wrench in the scabbard with the pliers, surely because their circumstances required it.  The foundation for the plier-based multitool emerged from guys like this, who went far from home to see to things and needed to be able to act when they got there.  I myself carried pliers and knife on my belt for many years, first on farms and then on my first job in a factory.  When I started college, I carried a Swiss Army Knife in one pocket and a small ViseGrip in the other.  It was logical to me to do so.  My surroundings and purposes changed, but the Multitool Mindset remained. 

When the early mass-market, plier-based tools came out, I felt as if the collective consciousness actually existed: someone finally united the SAK and the pair of pliers.  My first was a Leatherman SuperTool, and l’m still in awe, really, about the thought behind it.  I was a graduate student at the time, and many people asked why I needed it.  They didn’t get it.  They didn’t have the Multitool Mindset.  I needed to be prepared to respond.  It wasn’t a specific problem that I could reasonably assume would happen.  It was feeling ready, period.  Being in classrooms, rather than fields or factories, did not remove the Multitool Mindset. 

That’s because having a Multitool not only allows for the practical matters but also leads to a sort of vision.   Having the means to do something leads to seeing things that may otherwise be unavailable.  It’s an extension of preparedness and a part of the Multitool Mindset.  An expanded ability to respond undergirds an expanded ability to conceive of responses…if you have the Multitool Mindset. 

The Multitool Mindset melds practicality and innovation.  The design of the tools attests to that.  We users of Multitools also embody it; in fact, Multitools exist because of folks like us-like the mechanic who raised me, the Boy Scout troop I was part of, the farmers I worked for, the factory workers I labored beside, the soldiers I served with, the the good people of Multitool.org. 

We may prefer one brand over another, one design over another, or one EDC approach over another, but our ultimate purpose is the same.  We see the sense in being ready to respond to a situation, to formulate an innovative solution that may not otherwise have occurred to us, to do something about something we can do something about. 

That’s the Multitool Mindset.

Wednesday, 11 October 2023 10:06

Limited edition Swiss Army Knives for the holidays

Written by


THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ADVENTURERS: Available beginning October 16th - retailing for $85 at Victorinox.com, THE CADET ALOX WINTER MAGIC LIMITED EDITION 2023 pocket knife is the fifth edition of the Victorinox Winter Magic collection.This year, the unique winter mountain design in powder blue and complementing sun-colored hues features a spectacular 3D haptic Alox scale and detachable mountain charm. The pocket knife is limited to 10,000 pieces and is packaged in a custom-designed gift box.
Victorinox SAK Cadet Alox Winter Magic LE Oct 2023 1 Victorinox SAK Cadet Alox Winter Magic LE Oct 2023 Victorinox SAK Cadet Alox Winter Magic LE Oct 2023 2
retailing for $127.00 at Victorinox.com, the NEW LIMITED EDITION HUNTSMAN “YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2024” welcomes the Chinese New Year and honors the current zodiac sign.

This Huntsman pocket knife is limited to the lucky number of 8’888 pieces worldwide. This edition comes in classic red with a vibrant drawing of a golden dragon. Each pocket knife is individually numbered and presented with its certificate in a special gift box.
Victorinox_SAK_Year_of_the_Dragon_Huntsman_Oct_2023.jpg  Victorinox SAK Year of the Dragon Huntsman Oct 2023 2 Victorinox SAK Year of the Dragon Huntsman Oct 2023 1
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR TRAVELERS: Available beginning October 16th - ranging from $48 - $74 at Victorinox.com, THE LIVE TO EXPLORE COLLECTION celebrates the unique style of Paris, Sydney, and New York with an invitation to mix and match tools and accessories. The collection will launch with the choice of three multitools offered with matching practical accessories.

The collection features the choice of the Victorinox Classic SD, the Companion, and the popular Swiss Card Classic. The Companion comes with a new innovative box opener function - perfect for unboxing packages. The three colorways are: the Paris style (romantic with soft colors), the Sydney style (with bold colors with a dynamic design), and the New York style (with timeless, neutral colors and well-defined shapes).
 SAK Live to explore New York G1

SAK Live to explore Paris G1


SAK Live to explore Sydney G1

Friday, 06 October 2023 02:06

Leatherman Arc release date

Written by


Leatherman has announced via social media about the Arc, which is Oct 17th. There's been a lot of leaks and goofs since we have heard about this new tool, from what we hear the hype is valid. The new Leatherman Arc has a tool set that many have been asking for and Leatherman has delivered.


Screenshot 20231006 094801 Facebook


Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:20

Leatherman Arc in the wild

Written by

Last week the retail outlet REI accidently made the Leatherman Arc page live before the official release date. All this transpired via the r/Leatherman Reddit group and the 50 units they had available were gone in no time. One of our members Gadgetman7 (Dale Carr), was so gracious to show off his new acquisition. There is no official launch date for the Leatherman Arc, but at or around October 17 has been floating around. I feel if REI had stock already, then release is imminent. In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the new Leatherman Arc, compliments of Gadgetman7.

I was recently approached about reviewing some knives from a company called Kansept- and if you haven't heard of them, you may want to consider looking into them.  They use a similar model to CRKT in that they collaborate with different designers and produce the results.  They were nice enough to send me a few versions of their Korvid knives, designed by Justin Koch of Koch Tools.

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